Celtic Wedding Invitations



We started creating wedding invitations on a very small local scale.

Word of mouth spread and four years later we are now recognized as one of the leading Irish Celtic wedding invitation providers worldwide.


One of the main reasons is that we provide bespoke designs that are customized totally for our clients.


Other providers charge for extra wedding invites - We Give you a minimum of 10 extra Invites for FREE!!  for orders of 100 wedding invitations and upwards.

When should we order our Stationery ?

Generally invitations are sent out six weeks before the wedding date or up to ten weeks earlier if you have guests coming from overseas.


Can I get a custom made design?

Yes if you are interested in creating something completely unique we can create something custom made for you. We offer a complete graphic design service as part of our Bespoke service. Have a look at our Bespoke Stationery for inspiration.


How long does it take to print the invitations?

We recommend that you order your stationery three months before your wedding. This gives you and us time to design and approve your personalized wedding stationery.

Normal turnaround is 4-6 weeks but if you are in a hurry we will do our very best to help you out.


Can We have a customized design / invitation?

Yes , we are one of the few wedding stationers that can offer a fully customized wedding service.

99% of our Wedding Invitations are customized designs.


How many invites should I order?

You allow one invite per couple.

We include 10 invitations extra free (!!!) with all orders over 100 for that forgotten person, or errors that can (and usually do) happen.


What is an insert?

An insert is the invitation wording printed on matching paper and inserted & Glued into the card.

We have created designs with and without inserts


Can I use my own wording?

Yes, all Invites are designed to your exact requirements. e.g. "Wedding Invitation" on the front of the card can be changed to "Cuireadh Bainise" (Wedding Invitation in Irish/ Gaelic) or you can have both your names/and or wedding date added to the front of the invitation.


Will I see a proof of my wedding stationery before they go to print?

Yes, We will email you a PDF black & white proof and once you are happy and approve the finalized design we create a printing plate.


Is there a minimum order?

No minimum order. (we just did a wedding with five invitations!!)



Do you Print Mass Books ?

We Print only the cover - customised to your own personal design.

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